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Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

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Are you going through a difficult time in your life and you're not sure what to do? Have you been feeling depressed or anxious lately? Suzanne Foley, M. Ed. will provide professional counseling specific to your situation and allow you to express your fears, concerns, and emotions. The goal is to equip you with the insight and knowledge needed to allow you to make positive changes.

  • Abuse counseling

  • Anxiety counseling

  • Depression counseling

  • Grief counseling

  • Accepts patients of all ages

Take control of your life by reaching out for the help you deserve.

You can trust the professional experience of Suzanne Foley, M. Ed. to ensure that your counseling is tailored to your particular needs. She'll provide you with an understanding of your behaviors and emotions.

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Individual Counseling

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Learn how to take control of unpleasant, stressful situations properly by engaging in individual therapy sessions. Getting therapy for yourself is more helpful than hiding your emotions.


We ask you to kindly give a 24-hour notice if you must cancel your appointment.

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